Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review: Dwarfcraft Devices Internet Overdrive

Ah I've already had a few questions on the Internet so I figured this one would be the best one to review! The  Internet is a growling overdrive that has wonderful, gritty low gain tones and gets all warm and fuzzy when the gains cranked up! For a more in-depth review read on past the break, sound-clips included!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The new Leviathan Fuzz from Wampler Pedals is now going on Sale

Check out the link! They are $20 off for the next couple days, priced at $179 before going up to $199.

It looks pretty nice in my opinion, love the font they decided to use for the Leviathan name.
Video after the break.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Noise Invasion Begins...

The Invaders Arrive!

My Noise Invaders came today! Just a quick hands-on preview for you after the break!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let's mix it up a little bit... Synth effect demos anyone?

I know the posts on this site have all mainly been about guitar effects, thankfully Nikita of Fear Konstruktor volunteered to show off how some of his effects affect his synth tones. Video demos of the popular Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh and Frantone Glacier on synth after the break!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reviews Delayed :(

Due to me forgetting my Shure Sm57 at home again, Reviews might not be posted this week since I'm not posting any of them until they are completely finished.

Alas, next week they will start appearing, complete with gut-shots (no close ups to prevent circuit thievery) and sound-clips!

For now enjoy the interviews! There's more on the way!

The Man Behind Noisemaker Effects

Today we have an interview with Matt of Noisemaker Effects! He builds a wide range of affordable fuzz, overdrive and boost pedals and even has plans for a new mini-amp! Read on past the break to hear more about the man behind Noisemaker and... rainbow defecating unicorns?? 

Monday, March 21, 2011

An Interview With McSpunckle

In the first of many interviews to be posted on this site I would like to introduce McSpunckle, creator of pedals such as the Gnomeratron (a crazy versatile and tweakable fuzz) and the And Aardvarks! (an awesome boost/overdrive for guitar or bass). He's a very funny person so I recommend that you read on past the break to get to know the creator behind these awesome FX boxes and how they came to be.

McSpunckle's gnome soldering stand

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guest author Mudfuzz presents: Keeping the Chaos Under Control....

Keeping the chaos under control....
Knobs are funny things sometimes, where they are set is really important and they can be bumped out of position so easily. Sometimes you don't want them to move... Sometimes you need to keep track of multiple settings. So here are some things you can do to keep the chaos in check.

Reviews Fast Approaching!

This Monday I will begin a series of reviews for some assorted effects I hold dear to my heart. I decided to give everyone a run-down so they know what to expect.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

All contributions ARE Welcome!

My goal for this blog is to have as many contributions from the community as possible so I invite any musicians or pedal builders that have any guides, short essays, reviews, etc. to send it to me in an email.

If you are doing a review, please write about the sounds the effect produces, the knob functions, build quality and anything else you feel is necessary. No need to give the effect a number rating, sound is very subjective. Include sound clips or a video if possible, if not, don't worry about it.

Also include in the email your preferred name to be posted as the author and any bands or businesses you have that you might want to promote!

email me at:!

Thanks for your support! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Effects, Music, Haters, and You

In my time on various musician and guitar gear forums I've come across people who say something along the lines of this:

Don't hide behind distortion or various effects, the best players are those who plug their straight into an amp and play.
While many guitarists can do that and sound quite good, how boring would it be if everyone plugged their guitar straight into their Twin Reverb? I feel effects pedals are an essential part of many guitarists sounds and that's perfectly okay!

Effects pedals can bring an even bigger impact to pivotal moments of songs or even entire albums. Hell, they even can define the sound of a genre like spring reverb for surf-rock. In a lot of music I listen to I find the same exact sounds recurring over and over again and the album feels drawn out and far from dynamic. I think musicians, especially in those in various metal bands should experiment more with effects to accentuate certain moments in their songs or just make their guitar sound like some other instrument completely. Guitar pedals can bring life to your sound and even compel you to play in styles you would never have imagined.

So to all you guitarists, bassists and any other musicians, if you don't already, experiment liberally with all kinds of effects! It's entertaining and inspiring, it could even lead to a new genre of music, you never know. So let all the haters play blues licks through their Fenders all day (no offense meant if you do), use all the effects you want and create music you love. Don't let anyone tell you the 'right' way to play guitar, you're unique way is the best way.

Pedal Giveaway Ideas?

Alright everyone to promote this site and some community involvement, I want to give away some cool pedals once this blog picks up steam.

So any ideas? Keep the price range reasonable, I'm partial to Dr. Scientist myself...

Make your voice heard in the comments!

Welcome to EffectsWire!

Welcome Effectswire, my aim here is to create a blog that can inform everyone about the latest and greatest in effects pedals for guitars, bass, synthesizers, etc. Readers can expect to find in-depth pedal reviews, news on the newest upcoming products and a wide-range of original material and inteviews from members of the effects pedal community (musicians, pedal builders, DIY hobbyists and many more). I hope you find this material stimulating and I hope to spark many great discussions that people can gain perspective and knowledge from. Also as the site grows, I hope to give away some cool pedals in monthly contests!