My Rig

I figured I should give everyone a background in what I'm playing through for these reviews and demos.

First I'm playing through a Schecter Omen 6 guitar, it's really good for being a such a cheap guitar. Came with Grover tuners and I later installed a Dimarzio Tone Zone in the neck and a Dimarzio X2N in the bridge. For those who don't know these are both pretty high output pickups (especially the X2N) so my guiar might drive some pedals harder than yours would.

For an amp I use a VHT Special 6 10" combo. I personally think it's a steal at $200. It's driven by one 6V6 power tube and one 12ax7 in the preamp. Right now I'm using stock tubes but in the near future I'm considering switching them out for something a little different. It's all handwired (in China) and the guts look fairly clean, very mod friendly. It has High and Low power mode and Hi and Lo power input jacks. For most demos I'll be using it at low power as I currently live in a dormitory and can't really crank my amp. It also comes with a foot-switch for engaging a volume boost. All  in all it's a great sounding amp (from what I've gathered from the interwebz, it's a based off of a Fender circuit) with a lot of nice features, perfect for home recording and for those that want a nice tube amp but don't have a lot of space or money. It's really a nice clean amp to run pedals through.

I use a Bullet coil cable and Conquest cables to patch my pedals together.

To power the FX boxes, I use a Dunlop DC Brick.

Any other questions, feel free to ask!