Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pedal Giveaway Ideas?

Alright everyone to promote this site and some community involvement, I want to give away some cool pedals once this blog picks up steam.

So any ideas? Keep the price range reasonable, I'm partial to Dr. Scientist myself...

Make your voice heard in the comments!


  1. Hi, Mellowtone Mini Wolf CPU or something similar would be awesome :)

    Or something by Devi... it doesn't need to be expensive, just awesome ;)

    take care and blog on!

  2. DE Circuit Breaker? Just sayin'...

    Or, heck, just about any pedal from the builders on ILF would be awesome. Maybe someone who's less well known, like Noisemaker or McSpunckle?

  3. Oh yeah, Noisemaker!!!

  4. Fuzzifer Bassus SanguinisMarch 19, 2011 at 12:50 AM

    Schumann PLL

    or Devi Coily Box


    I think the McSpunckle And aardvarks would be a great option. Or some nifty Noisemaker pedal. Or Fuzzhugger Velcroar + OhNoHo Blowing Up + Dwarfcraft Power Struggle for great victory! ;-)

  5. Maybe someday I'll be able to give a PLL away, until then, it'll still be something cool, just cheaper

  6. The square wave pedal would be slick. Inexpensive and smooth