Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's been a while folks...

Sorry for the lack of content in recent weeks, final projects and tests have been kicking my ass. Enough with the excuses though, I have some great stuff coming up this summer. I can promise you I will be busy interviewing and reviewing my ass off!

Here's what is coming up this summer:

Catalinbread Manx Loaghtan Fuzz Review- This muff variant has gained quite a bit of buzz over it's ridiculously awesome introductory price. I'll put this fuzz through some rigorous tone tests and you all get to see how it sounds!

Dr. Scientist Frazz Dazzler Review- It's Dr. Scientist, of course it will be an awesome fuzz. I'll be showing off this things crushingly heavy high gain tones.

Frequency Central Atomic Clock Delay Review- This is a custom made delay by Rick over at Frequency Central, I'm extremely psyched for this one!

Make Sounds Loudly Pedal Collection Review- A very generous I Love Fuzz forumite (Holy Schinkes) is lending me four Make Sounds Loudly pedals to review. I'll be demoing a fuzz, a fuzz/overdrive, a boost and tremolo.

Dwarfcraft Eau Claire Thunder Review- A high gain fuzz/distortion with a feedback loop? I'm in.

Noisemaker Effects Noise Invaders Review- I've had this neat little bit-crushing fuzz for a while now and I absolutely love the sound. Everyone should have one of these if they like fuzz.

Death by Audio Fuzz War Review- My oldest fuzz pedal, it's an absolute monster of high gain fuzz.

Fuzzhugger(fx) Phantom Ring (Version Two) Review- There were only three of these made, all hand painted uniquely by Pat Corrigan. According to Tom of Fuzzhugger, the version two Phantom Ring basically has an Upper circuit and the second channel of the Phantom Arcade in one pedal, you can run each individually or both at once. The Upper side adds some octave-up madness to your tone and the other channel adds some splatty, glitchy tones as well as octave-down craziness.

Snazzy FX Mini Ark Review- An all around crazy synth/octave/pitch shifter pedal that can give you a wide range of electronic video game tones as well as octave fuzz (both up and down). So many tones in this large enclosure.

Interviews- I hope to have interviews with Rick of Frequency Central, Aen of Dwarfcraft, Ryan of Dr. Scientist and many more up this summer.

Hope you you all are as excited as I am. There will obviously be more than just what's here, but this is what I have planned so far.

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