Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: Make Sounds Loudly Blue Whale Fuzz

The Blue Whale Fuzz is a gated fuzz with plenty of gain on tap for many over the top fuzz tones. Keep on reading to find out more about this crazy fuzz.

I have a prototype unit of this fuzz so I won't comment too much on it since the pedal has changed a bit. I can say for a prototype it is built solidly and has a flexible set of controls. The pictures in this review will be of the current production model, not my unit.

The Sounds
The Blue Whale has a volume, gain and a compression control that affects how gated the fuzz gets. This thing also has plenty of gain on tap. The Blue Whale can do more open walls of fuzz or focused to splatty, almost 8 bit-sounding fuzz. I'll let the sound clip do the rest of the talking as gated fuzz is kind of a love it or hate thing. I've never used gated fuzz for much but it's always a cool affect and a great way to mix things up in your music.

Blue Whale Fuzz by Mike Fetting

Final Verdict
If you're on the lookout for a nice gated fuzz to give you those bit crushed style tones, you definitely want to give the Make Sounds Loudly Blue Whale Fuzz a look. It's very flexible in working with different rigs and with different guitars and you get plenty of control over the sound. It's also sold at a great price that I haven't seen many other manufacturers beat. Check out how to order one on the Make Sounds Loudly Facebook Page.

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  1. I'm getting a whole slew of pedals from Mark(MSLP) and i can't wait!!!

    check out his blood fuzz too!!!