Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: Make Sounds Loudly Blood Fuzz

The MSL Blood Fuzz is a very intriguing fuzz pedal. With the ability to switch between a combination of two individual sets of diodes, players can experiment to find tons of different fuzz tones in one box. Combine that with a built-in feedback loop and you have a very entertaining fuzz pedal to experiment with.

The Blood Fuzz is very well built, the knobs, footswitches and toggles feel great. This fuzz has knobs to control the feedback, the volume and the gain of the pedal. It also features a toggle to turn the feedback on and off, a toggle to switch between a yellow LED and Silicon diode and another toggle to switch between a red LED and Germanium diode. There's also a footswitch to change the tone of the pedal from one with more bass or more treble. The tone footswitch may look a tad close to the fuzz knob but I had no problems with it.

The Sounds
I've really enjoyed the versatility the Blood Fuzz provides. The LED diodes provide a healthy dose of gain and aggression, mix some feedback in there and you have one thick, heavy tone. Switch to the Si and Ge diodes and the tone warms up a bit providing you with classic fuzz tones. The wide gain range certainly helps you cop any sound from slightly dirty to over the top fuzz-stortion. The tone footswitch adds some flexibility to this box, making it compatible with both guitar and bass. Have a listen to the soundclips and hear for yourself the variety of sounds that come from the Blood Fuzz.

Blood Fuzz Si/Ge diodes by Mike Fetting
Here the Blood Fuzz has the Silicon and Germanium diode clipping options engaged for a smoother, less gainy tone.
Blood Fuzz LED diodes by Mike Fetting
Here the red and yellow LED diodes are engaged, increasing gain and adding an aggressive top-end bite.
Blood Fuzz Heavy by Mike Fetting
The Blood Fuzz can get extremely thick and heavy, here the LED diodes are engaged again along with the feedback loop. Gain and volume are turned all the way up.
Blood Fuzz Feedback Fun by Mike Fetting
The feedback looper on this pedal is extremely interactive with every knob on the pedal as well as the diode toggles. In this clip I'm just having fun messing around with knobs showing the various noises this thing can make.

Final Verdict
The Make Sounds Loudly Blood Fuzz really is a fuzz worthy of your attention, it's priced extremely competitively, and provides a wealth of different tones. I loved cranking the volume, fuzz and feedback with the LED diodes engaged and just enjoying the thick high gain fuzz tones, great for playing any kind of metal, doom, rock, etc. I do wish instead of having a footswitch for the tone control, it was for feedback. I found I just set the tone to the bass setting and left it, I felt the tone should just be a toggle and the feedback should have a footswitch. Overall it's a quality fuzz with plenty of tonal experimentation to be had. You can find more info about Make Sounds Loudly on their Facebook page.

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