Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review: Dwarfcraft Devices Internet Overdrive

Ah I've already had a few questions on the Internet so I figured this one would be the best one to review! The  Internet is a growling overdrive that has wonderful, gritty low gain tones and gets all warm and fuzzy when the gains cranked up! For a more in-depth review read on past the break, sound-clips included!


The Internet demands a second take on first sight. Let's face it, the graphics are awesome! The finish seems to be a vinyl finish and I have had no problems with peeling or anything.
This pedal has two knobs: RAMS and Bandwitch. RAMS is the gain control which has an extremely large range and all of it is usable (unless you dislike a little fuzz). The Bandwitch controls the volume of the pedal, pretty simple stuff. This box also features a boost footswitch along with the bypass one. With the boost engaged this thing has a lot of gain on tap, a lot. This pedal takes nine volts, standard Boss style plug, fairly standard stuff.
Bandwittch and RAMS knobs

Pron (boost) and Gewgle footswitches

How it sounds

Turning on the overdrive for the first time you can definitely hear that it is no TS9 clone. It's has a thick growl to it, even provides some nice grit on low gain settings. The voicing has more of an emphasis on lower mids and some bass, it's very warm sounding. Don't get me wrong though, this thing can still get razor sharp depending on your settings. On lower gain settings this thing provides a nice gritty boost to your tone. At medium gain settings you get a nice, warm, throaty drive sound. Once the gain gets past 75% you get into fuzz territory and even more so when the boost is engaged. My favorite tones are using it as a nice mild distortion for playing rock or playing it like a tight fuzz pedal for more metal style riffage. You'll hear both down below in the sound clips section.

Now I wrote a bit about how this pedal performs by itself but it also is a very interesting boost. It does add some color to the tone so if you're looking for transparent, this is not what you're looking for. So far I've tried it with my Fuzz War and Noise Invaders and it provides very cool results. With the Fuzz War, it tightens it up a bit without losing all the openness and fuzziness. It also provides a nice boost to the mids as well and just makes it sound more full. With the Noise Invaders it provides similar results.

Input jack and 9v plug

Final Say

For $150 this isn't too expensive of an overdrive, it provides some very cool tones and also is a unique boost. If you are looking for an overdrive that has some unique flavor, look no further. If I could only use one dirt pedal from current set-up it'd be this one, it has great low gain tones and has a great fuzz tone as well. One thing I would like that this pedal lacks is a tone knob on it, it has a darker voicing and I would like a way to switch between this and other fuzz pedals and keep the same voicing, it's pretty minor but I think a tone knob would be nice. All in all a great value at $150 new, if you want an overdrive with some added Dwarfcraft flavor, this is it.

Gotta love those graphics!

Sound Clips

Internet OD low gain by Mike Fetting

Internet OD Boosted Drive by Mike Fetting

Internet OD Warm Lead by Mike Fetting

Internet OD High Gain Drop D Fuzz by Mike Fetting

There are of course many more tones to be had from this pedal but I just picked out a few of my favorite using my Standard Rig
Hope you enjoyed, if anyone else has one of these out there, feel free to chime in and tell us what you think!

Update: kbithecrowing is awesome and gave us a clip of the Internet being used with bass! Check out the video!

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