Friday, April 1, 2011

The Future of Effects?

Sure many people out there are into digital modelers that contain a myriad of effects and tones and they work great for a lot of applications. I however, tend to favor this new innovative product produced by Effector 13: The Console Project.

This console provides two slots for specially designed cartridges to slide into and start making noise. Think of it as a modular effects pedal, you can swap out cartridges and combine them to make a host of new tones. Right now the focus is on fuzz, distortion and overdrive cartridges but I emailed Devi and she said:

If it runs on 9 volts,  can be controlled with four 100k pots, and can fit in the plastic cartridge enclosure... then it's possible
The console is priced at a very reasonable $135 with each cartridge costing somewhere around $50. Just imagine the different effect combinations you could have. Notable builders like Dwarfcraft, Fuzzhugger and smallsound/bigsound along with many others are developing cartridges for this as well. This may turn out to be a very economical way to build a collection of effects and save a lot of space on your board as well.

Effector 13 Circuit Breaker
Devi is also taking orders for the Circuit Breaker in order to help fund this project, so if you would like an awesome fuzz/noise generator for only $145, give it a look and let's make this console project a reality! Theres more info about the console at the Effector 13 Website, check it out!

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