Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Need a Clean Boost, EQ, Overdrive and Distortion in One Tiny Box?

Well look no further than the upcoming Dr. Scientist Elements distortion!

An unfinished Elements

This pedal can do anything from Slayer style metal riffing to just a slight boost of your signal. This soon to be released distortion can do everything the Dr. Scientist Cleanness does as well as provide some modern, high gain distortion or a more reserved overdrive. I'll let the videos Ryan has made for his pedals to do the rest of the talking.

Just a breadboard of the Elements showing off the more brutal tones.

More comprehensive demo of high gain tones.

Look at that awesome PCB!

There's no release date set but this beast should be out in a few months. Keep checking in and I'll be sure to post the release date as soon as I find out!

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