Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Make Sounds Loudly Whale's Revenge

The Make Sounds Loudly Whales Revenge is a simple fuzz/overdrive unit with rhythm and lead channels to switch between crunchy overdrive to a more saturated overdrive fuzz combination. Those of you out there looking for a unit to handle both fuzz, overdrive and the sweet combination of the two should read on.

This is an early prototype unit, but everything feels solid and the finish looks great. Like the Dirty Boost, the Whale's Revenge has top mounted jacks which are the best in my opinion. The controls are for volume and gain and the switch changes the Revenge from a crunchy overdrive to a saturated fuzzy overdrive. It has a super bright LED and true bypass switching. Overall, solid construction and simple controls.

The Whale's Revenge has a pretty standard bright overdrive on the rhythm mode, tight and crunchy. There is plenty of volume on top and the gain range is quite flexible. The Lead mode is where things get heavy. With the flip of the switch you introduce a lot more saturation and a little fuzz on top of everything. It still retains it's tight and bright character but when the Dirty Boost is introduced you hear some extra bass and fuzz added to the mix. It's a very good platform to build your sound upon if you like playing rock or punk music, might not have quite the gain or tone for metal/stoner/doom stuff but a boost might get you there. Let's listen to it now:

Whale's Revenge Rhythm Overdrive by Mike Fetting

Here the WR is doing a nice crunchy overdrive in the rhythm mode. Yes I like The Hold Steady....

Whale's Revenge (Boosted by Dirty Boost) by Mike Fetting
Here's what the WR sounds like in the lead mode and when boosted towards the end.

Final Verdict
The Whale's Revenge is a great way for overdrive lovers to test out some fuzz due to the fact that it will surely provide satisfying overdrive tones as well a little taste of fuzz, all at an affordable price point. It might be a little bright for heavier stuff but it's a nice cutting overdrive for many variations of rock music. I'd recommend looking into this one.

Be sure to check out all of Make Sounds Loudly's creation at their Facebook Page and look for even more reviews on the gated Blue Whale Fuzz and diode switching tone machine Blood Fuzz coming up.

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