Monday, April 4, 2011

A Double New Pedal Day Means Even More Reviews Soon!

More pedals for Mike?!
Updated with clips!

Snazzy FX Mini Ark

The Snazzy FX Mini Ark is finally working perfectly! Dan of Snazzy FX was super helpful and fixed up the Ark no charge, he also threw in a t-shirt! Awesome guy!

Quick hands on for you: There are so many amazingly crazy tones in this thing, never played anything like it! I don't really want to write six paragraphs on all the different modes before the actual review, sorry!

Pat Corrigan hand-painted Phantom Ring by Fuzzhugger
This is one sweet fuzz full of splatty ring-modulated tones. It's one of three Phantom Ring V2s painted by Pat Corrigan  It's very easy to get the hang of, sounds great and the paint job is amazing, one of a kind actually! :)

Check back tonight for a few clips! So they are kind of sloppy but don't worry, they will be much better when the actual reviews come out.

MiniArk Magic Setting 1 by Mike Fetting

 This is just the first setting on the magical selector switch to give you all a basic idea of what it sounds like.

Phantom Ring v2 Jamming by Mike Fetting

Just a quick jam on the Phantom Ring, both modes engaged.

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